Top 5 Tips to Consider to Ship Your Car Smoothly

When looking to ship your car across the country or internationally, there are plenty of car transport companies you can choose from. All of them serve the common purpose but the quality of service they offer will vary from company to company. You need to be careful not to fall into common shipping mistakes people make.

There are too many things that can go wrong. This includes the car getting stranded at the port due to incorrect paperwork, unpaid shipping charges, and many more. Some shipping companies will hold your car hostage until you pay additional storage charges. Don’t be a victim of car shipping scams. Here are 5 tips that will help you ship your car smoothly.

1. Documentation

Most companies will require you to provide an insurance certificate, vehicle registration number, and a proof that you’re the real owner. Make sure you have all the required documents with you. The company will then conduct an inspection of the car condition and make a note on all issues found. You should be present during this inspection and make sure that the inspection report is precise. When your car has been delivered to your pick station conduct another inspection, take note of all issues and if there is damage due to transport make sure the transporter signs the note.

2. Check out your preferred shipping company

The company should be registered with the Department of Transportation. The company should also be registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. These organizations issues companies with unique numbers known as a DoT number, they should be willing to give you the numbers. Once you have the numbers confirm if they’re legit or not on the government’s website. Never transport your car with a company that isn’t registered or is not willing to give you the number.

3. Insurance cover

The shipping company should have insurance to cover any damages when they’re moving vehicles. You can ask the company to provide you with a copy of their insurance certificate, go through the certificate to know what is covered for when your car is being moved from one place to another. If the coverage is not sufficient you can get additional coverage from your own insurance company or pay an additional fee to the company.

4. Personal belonging

Loading your car with personal belongings may look nice but don’t. The shipping company will not be responsible if the item is missing or gets damaged. Your insurance cover doesn’t cover damages caused by your personal belongings. When shipping a car to Hawaii, remove all your personal belongings and household stuff from the car. The law prohibits the shipping of cars with household stuff inside.

5. Avoid paying too much

Shipping cost differs from one company to another. The same company can have different prices depending on the service you want. Get quotes from different companies and compare their services. Make sure you know how much you’re going to be charged and there are no hidden charges. Cheap isn’t always the best, go for the company that offers great services.

Shipping your car can be the most stressful process. But if you follow the above tips and avoid the mentioned mistakes it will become a hassle-free process.


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