Top 7 Vehicles for Adventure And Mountain Driving

Tackling the great outdoors is a fun hobby if you have the right know how, and just as importantly, the right gear. The days of rugged do-it-yourself attitude are not over, but heading into the wilderness on adventure should be taken seriously, and that means being ready for any terrain.

Before taking your first step up a mountain, you have to get there first. Part of the fun of mountaineering and adventuring comes from the vehicles you can use. 

These 7 vehicles represent the best choices for your outdoor needs, because the first step for your outdoor journey does not happen on soil – it happens on a gas pedal.

Jeep Wrangler

The name Jeep is synonymous with outdoor and offroading. That is why it is listed here. While these vehicles are not listed in any particular order, the reason why this one comes first is not only brand name, but because the four-wheel drive capabilities are hard to match. The Wrangler should be in heavy consideration for anyone who wants to get some serious outdoor adventure done and tackle some of the worst road conditions.

Ford Escape Hybrid

A little on the smaller side, the Ford Escape Hybrid is an excellent vehicle for outdoor adventuring and city driving. This combination goes well when you consider how good it is on gas mileage, due to it being a hybrid and all. The top SUVs by gas mileage, according to, are fairly well equipped for outdoor use, but this vehicle is an all around workhorse. While not the biggest, it certainly has its charms, and most outdoor adventuring requires some long car rides so the bonus of having the best gas mileage is a feature that elevates it.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Once again the name Jeep appears. The Grand Cherokee (and the Trailhawk variant) are both well suited for the mountain driving, but more on the city driving side. This monster is pretty big so it can seat a lot of passengers, and it has good storage too. Do not be fooled by the beautiful exterior and high tech interior, this vehicle is made for some serious mountain driving conditions.

Porsche Cayenne

Speaking of luxury, here comes the Porsche. This luxury model SUV is actually surprisingly durable when it comes to mud, dirt, forest, and even deep water. While it might come as a surprise that the luxury car maker has crafted an outdoor suited vehicle, it is true. This is an excellent combination of comfortability, functional use, and style – but it comes at a high cost.

Toyota Tacoma

The first truck on the list, and it is not even American. The Toyota Tacoma is a nice, midsize pickup that can do just about anything you would need from a monster sized truck when mountain driving. The flatbed can hold a sizable amount of outdoor toys or camping gear, and the interior is comfy enough to hold all the passengers. Most of the downside that comes with smaller pickup trucks is the lack of true towing capability. You will be able to bring most of your stuff along, but this is not a truck built for massive amounts of horsepower or torque.

Subaru Outback

Station wagon style vehicles get a bad reputation for being outdated styles considering the bevy of options for SUVs, but the Subaru is always an exception. The Outback has been a staple of the adventure worthy vehicle since its inception. With excellent use for both city and outdoors, the Subaru is a great choice for those who are not pushing the car to the extremes. Great gas mileage is a big plus too.

Ford F-150

Lastly, we have the behemoth Ford F-150. The king of the Ford pick up line, this monster truck can conquer just about anything you throw at it. Towing power, tech amenities, comfortable and stylish interior, and offroad dedicated drivetrain features are just some of the reasons why it is used for recreational and heavy duty use. Another expensive addition to this list, it is not the cheapest for the car nor are you going to be saving much money on gas – but who cares, its massive.

While not a comprehensive list, and only includes a selection of outdoor adventure vehicles, there is enough here for anyone to start narrowing down their search. These trucks, SUVs, and crossovers are all capable in their own rights, with features that should appeal to any mountain or adventure enthusiast looking to get the most out of their next camping trip.


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