Top Tips for Dealing with Stress on the Road

Driving on the highways in Canada offers its own form of stress these days. The traffic is at an all-time high, which means drivers are stressed more than ever. It’s important not to let this stress develop into road rage, which could get you or other drivers in serious trouble. Here’s what you can realistically do to manage stress when you are driving:

Understand that You Can’t Control Everything on the Road

Have you have those mornings where you get on the road hoping there won’t be traffic, even when you know in the back of your mind that there would be? Avoid such situations. Instead of hoping for the best, mentally prepare yourself to handle the worst.

Keep in mind that you don’t really have control over certain things that happen on the road, such as unexpected traffic or other angry drivers. What you can change is your attitude toward these situations. The calmer you feel, the smarter you will be about the decisions you make when reacting to bad situations.

Be Prepared for the Worst Just in Case

Planning and prepping for the worst is key when on busy roads in the city. If you are worried about trouble, make sure you have Toronto DUI lawyers on your phone’s contact list just in case. Criminal attorneys can help you in a variety of bad situations while on the road. So take practical steps like this to protect yourself, in addition to mentally prepping yourself for the worst.

Leave Home Early in the Mornings

It’s important to plan well ahead of time to beat traffic and the stress that comes with it. Expect traffic and give yourself plenty of time to tackle it before work or school. Don’t leave home last minute and rush. Set up a morning routine where you can leave early to deal with the traffic.

You can also use apps these days to plan your morning. Some map apps give you exact estimates about time spent in traffic. The latest iOS comes with a “morning routine” feature that lets you plan your mornings exactly so that you can get to work on time. Use such features to beat traffic stress.

Don’t Drink or Smoke Weed and Drive (Not Even a Little Bit)

Don’t drink alcohol or smoke weed and get behind a wheel. Don’t do it even a little bit. You may think a glass of wine is okay, but depending on your metabolism and weight, that one glass may translate into an above the legal limit blood alcohol count on a breathalyser.

You can get good DUI legal help in Toronto, but if you don’t want a criminal record, don’t impair yourself and drive. Remember, even a little bit of impairment may cause unnecessary stress. You are more likely to impulsively act out on the road when you are even slightly drunk. Being high, too, could affect your judgement in negative ways.

Take the Train during the Worst of the Rush Hour

If the rush hour is really bad in your area, just take the metro train. You won’t have to drive and get yourself in a bad situation. You can sit back and scroll through an app on your smartphone. The train is also much faster. You might have to tolerate some crowds during the smack middle of rush hour. Otherwise, you won’t be in a situation to make a bad decision that could have lifelong repercussions.

Always keep in mind: keep calm. The above tips should help you get there and manage your driving life better.

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