Top tips for your next European road trip

With so many interesting and picturesque routes on your doorstep, what better way to spend a week or two than by taking a European road trip? To give drivers tips and inspiration for their next four-wheeled getaway, Kwik Fit has produced a handy eBook offering information on how to plan these holidays.

Here are some of the most important pointers you may want to bear in mind…

Check the condition of your car

There’s no more certain way to ruin a road trip than by breaking down part way through. So, to ensure your car gives you the smooth ride you’re looking for, it’s important to do some careful checks before you hit the highways.

First things first, make sure your vehicle services are up to date and, if you’re getting close to your next scheduled car MOT, get this booked in before your departure date. You can find out when your current MOT expires by checking your existing test certificate. It’s worth noting that you can have your car tested up to 28 days in advance of this date.

There are also a variety of simple vehicle checks you can do yourself. For example, make sure all of your tyres have a sufficient tread depth. The legal minimum is 1.6mm, but safety experts recommend changing tyres once they get below 3mm. You should pay attention to tyre pressure too. Over or under-inflated tyres can negatively impact handling, fuel efficiency and tyre wear, and they can increase the risk of blowouts. Take a look at the general condition of your tyres as well. If you see any signs of damage, such as cracks or bulges in the tyre walls, it’s time to get replacements.

Make sure all of your lights are working as they should and check that your car has enough oil and coolant fluid. It’s also vital to ensure that your windscreen wipers are working properly and you have enough windscreen washer fluid.

Plan the perfect itinerary

There’s certainly no shortage of routes to choose from, and with a little careful research, you should be able to plan the perfect itinerary. Maybe the journey from Spoleto to Norcia in Italy would suit you. Taking you through idyllic hill towns and offering stunning views of the Sibillini mountains, this is a truly unforgettable trip. For rugged landscapes, look no further than Route One in Iceland. This drive passes dramatic volcanoes, geysers and waterfalls and it may even give you the chance to glimpse the enchanting Northern Lights. From Norway, to Germany, to Ireland, countries across Europe boast spellbinding scenic journeys.

Make a packing checklist

In the excitement of getting ready to set off on your adventure, it’s easy to forget certain essentials. To ensure you don’t leave important items behind, it helps to create a packing checklist in advance. This should obviously include all of your travel documents, and other must-haves include a good map or sat nav, as well as a hands-free phone kit. Some water and snacks are useful to have too, and it’s wise to pack a first aid kit just in case. Also, even if you or your passengers don’t usually suffer from nausea while driving, it’s useful to have some car sickness remedies with you – especially if you’re taking a winding route.

If you’d like more road trip advice, why not check out Kwik Fit’s ‘Europe’s Top Road Trips: The Scenic Edit’ eBook for yourself?


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