Top Tips to Driving Safely in Rain

Driving in the rain is one of the most challenging tasks for any driver. Rainy days on the road are responsible for quite several accidents due to reduced visibility and handling of the vehicle.

Well, you don’t have to dread it as much because you are never too sure when you will find yourself driving in rainy conditions. Here are some of the tips that will ensure you navigate your way successfully;

Before Leaving

Now that you are aware of how challenging it is to drive in the rain, you have to concentrate throughout the journey. Confirm that all the main controls like brake, clutch, and accelerator, are in the best shape. Check that all the lights are fully operational. The state of your tire also helps in ensuring traction and stability.

The state of the controls should not be a problem for those who use Auto Repair Shop Seattle for routine car service.

Also, don’t feel compelled to drive in the rain. Do not risk your life and that of others, if you feel nervous or not ready to drive in the rain.

On the Road

Once you have confirmed that your vehicle is in the right state and that you have to drive, feel free to drive while taking precautionary measures. Keep slow speeds during the rain as such conditions reduce the vehicle’s reaction speeds.

With the reduction of visibility in rainy conditions, keep your headlights on at all times. Also, feel free to adjust the windscreen clearing depending on the rain intensity. Additional wiping and clearing products also come in handy in keeping your windshield clear for visibility.

The other caution on the road is to keep a safe distance between you and the other cars. The reduced reaction time and difficulty in stopping in the rain can lead to an accident in case of an emergency stop.


Water on the Road

Pools on the road are challenging for even the best of the drivers. Do not attempt to drive through any water on the way that you cannot see the bottom. There is always the risk of deeper water that can quickly sweep you away. The deeper waters can also get into the delicate parts of the engine and other systems leading to damage.

Driving in the rain at night requires even better observational skills. It becomes a little harder to note floods and other deep-lying waters.

Drive through the water at slower speeds but keeping higher revs.

Handling Car Skid

The slippery roads when it rains means it is possible to lose control of your car. Also known as hydroplaning, the water causes the vehicle to slide uncontrollably. Any vehicle can skid as long as you drive at higher speeds. To gain control, slowly let go of the accelerator and direct the steering wheel towards the spinning direction.


Driving in the rain is a daunting task; you should only take it up when you cannot avoid it. Use these tips to help you keep safe whenever you take up the responsibility. Remember to drive slower, put your lights on, and keep a long distance between you and other vehicle

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