Trucking Needs of the Blue-Collar Worker

When Function and Productivity Matter More

Trucks are a varied bunch, with special models beings released every year to cater specifically to people belonging to certain professions, alongside pickup trucks for personal use. However, for the blue-collar worker, productivity and function relevant to the specific job at hand take precedence above everything else.

Today, we are going to take a brief look at utility truck beds, service truck bodies, dump bodies, service body trucks and various other trucking needs of the professional world, so that you can find the best solution to your specific trucking issues.

A Brief Intro to the Various Common Types of Service Truck Bodies

In order to know exactly what you need, it helps to know your options first. Go through the following as we take a revision course and introduce the various types of utility truck beds and bodies available:

  • Flat Bed Body – The basis on which to build your custom truck body
  • Van Body – Has wide application and is capable of hauling a lot of load
  • Specific Service truck Bodies – Landscape, dump, hauler, platform, etc.
  • Contractor Truck Beds – Useful in a range of services, they offer a lot of hauling space and have specific equipment compartments (customization is advised)

Utility Truck Beds Must Match the Function, Model and Make of Your Truck

If you are going to go with premade service truck bodies, there’s a chance that they may not fit at all. You can’t force mechanic truck beds or construction truck beds onto a truck that’s specifically designed to take in electrician truck beds!

More often than not, it’s a simple matter of figuring out if it’s an issue with the size compatibility, or did you just order utility truck beds that were not even compatible with your truck to begin with? If it’s the former, you can exchange it easily for the right size, but if it’s the latter, then you need to find service truck bodies that are meant to fit your truck’s model and make.

Go with Customized Options for Service Truck Bodies in Bulk

In case you have your own business and a small to large fleet of trucks that need to be fitted with custom dump bodies, you can contact a company like Drake Equipment. There is no point in matching service body trucks that can accommodate, because fleets need customized solutions for utility truck beds that are industry-specific and personalized to best suit the needs of the specific company.

Drake Equipment have been manufacturing and fitting service truck bodies for over 80 years now, and they even have easy access to online support for helping new business owners figure out exactly which service truck bodies they need and in what quantity. It’s more cost-effective, business-oriented and overall a significantly better solution than buying premade, generic stuff at high price from the truck manufacturer.

Even if your business is going great, the question to ask yourself here is, can it go better if I made even a small investment in the construction truck beds of my fleet? Growth is necessary for any business to survive, and improvement in productivity and functionality is what fuels that growth in a sustainable manner.

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