TyreSafe Launches Summer Campaign Offering Safety Advice

At its annual Tyre Safety Month briefing today, TyreSafe has launched its new summer campaign, in addition to making its materials for October’s Tyre Safety Month available to tyre safety stakeholders.

The comprehensive briefing included reports from Highways England; Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service; Westgate Tyres; North Ayrshire Council and National Roads Policing.

While it may come as a surprise to many, TyreSafe’s latest campaign reveals it’s actually the summer months when Britain’s motorists are more likely to be involved in a tyre-related incident.

Despite the cold and changeable weather, and difficult road conditions, from October through to March, according to the Department for Transport’s data, it’s actually July when tyre-related incidents are at their most frequent, with August and June close behind.

The UK’s tyre safety charity believes this is due to a combination of factors. Firstly, as we all are too aware, summer in Britain doesn’t necessarily mean consistently good weather and the variations in road conditions may well be catching out unsuspecting drivers.

Those drivers taking to the busier roads may also have less experience travelling long distances with fully laden cars. Britain’s motorways experience a 6% rise in traffic during the summer period, with use of some the popular tourist routes through the countryside increasing by 25%.

TyreSafe’s Guide to Summer Motoring summer campaign takes an informative and informal approach to informing motorists of the essential checks they should carry out. With an engaging video available to view and the Adventures in Tyre Safety booklet available to download from tyresafe.org, motorists can get in the holiday spirit and make sure they check their tyres before they go off on holiday.

In order to give tyre safety stakeholders the opportunity to order materials in time for Tyre Safety Month, TyreSafe also revealed the materials for this October’s campaign.

Achieving new records is TyreSafe’s annual aspiration but for Tyre Safety Month 2018 it’s the vinyl kind which have provided the inspiration. Under the campaign title Tune Into Tyre Safety motorists will be encouraged to Get Into The Groove and check their tyres in a particularly engaging way. The Tyre Safety Month toolkit, and all printed and digital materials are now available from TyreSafe and the trade are encouraged to get their orders in as soon as possible to [email protected].

Stuart Jackson, Chairman of TyreSafe, said: “Our annual Briefing provided us with an opportunity to launch a summer specific campaign, while also unveiling our Tyre Safety Month materials. A combination of factors come together during the summer to make the summer months the worst for reported tyre-related incidents. With more than half of Britons taking their 2018 summer holiday in the UK, it really is vital that all drivers check their tyres to reduce the risk of an unwanted disruption to their family get-away. The summer campaign is a great addition to the TyreSafe calendar but Tyre Safety Month will remain our focus. This year’s theme is a natural for social media and we hope this will provide a platform to engage and gain further traction among young and new drivers.”

As with each of its annual campaigns, TyreSafe has produced a full set of dedicated materials for this October 2018’s Tyre Safety Month. These include posters, leaflets, web banners and an animation. TyreSafe supporters and road safety stakeholders wishing to place an order can review all assets on the Tyre Safety Month 2018 microsite via tyresafe. org. To order, or enquire about dual-branding, please contact [email protected] org.

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