Vauxhall Hit by renewed faulty handbrake alarm

Vauxhall has been hit by fresh claims that it is producing cars with faulty handbrakes and its vehicles have the capacity to roll away when parked.

A Report by the BBC’s watchdog programme said owners of the latest Vauxhall Corsa with a D Model variant, which is less that a year old, had reported instances of their car rolling away after being left stationary with the handbrake on, similar to other models earlier last year.

Complaints to the programme have now reached triple figures. Watchdog reported that Vauxhall was ‘surprised’ to learn of the problems with the new corsa but was now looking into the problem.

Watchdog expert Mark Brown said: “even though the design on the teeth of the handbrake is different from the Vectra, it has still presented the same symptoms that we found with the Vauxhall Vectras and Sigums.”

Vauxhall responded by saying it was investigating the cases raised, and insisted that as per the Highway code, when parking on a slope motorists should ‘engage a gear’, and ensure the handbrake is applied without depressing the release button.

The latest blow for Vauxhall comes just months after Which?, the consumer pressure group, reported that owners of Signum and Vectra models also suffered from the same fault.

Arround 250,000 Sigum and Vectra models are being recalled by the manufacturer in order to fit new springs in the handbrake. Vauxhall described the move as a “customer satisfaction programme”. There are no plans to roll out the scheme to Corsa owners.

The recent development is a further embarrassment to Vauxhall, which issued a massive 355,000 Corsa recall in December after a problem with the vehicles braking system was not fixed properly. Despite an initial recall of last generation Corsas in March 2006 and a further recall of 250,000 models in August 2007, the brake fault still affects newer models.

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