Ways to Protect Your Car Interior That Actually Work

Keeping your car interior clean and safe might seem like a mountain of a task with all of the daily things that can help mess it up. If this is how you feel, then you are not alone. The interior of your car is like a home away from home. You can sing at the top of your lungs, eat some takeout, or just sit and talk with a friend, so it can feel stressful when it becomes disorganized – or damaged.

Making sure that your car is protected should not be another thing to worry about. With these helpful ways to keep it nice and safe (and clean!), your second home will feel how it should – like your own space.

Car Seat Protectors

The wear and tear your butt can produce on a car seat is just one of the many ways that your car interior gets damaged over time. Jean pockets, and their metal buttons, can scratch at seats. What is even harder is keeping the car clean if you go grab a greasy bite to eat on the go, or if you have little ones who get car sick. The key to protecting material seats is simple enough, you can cover it with a car seat protector. These handy products do exactly what they say – keep mess or damage away from the material of your seats. Fabric or leather does not last long in a car if it doesn’t take care of and you might not have the time to keep scrubbing out your child’s puke from the seat, so why not just cover the thing entirely? Simple, but effective.

Windshield Sunlight Protector

You have likely seen a big, foil material looking shader draped across the interior of a stranger’s car, just underneath the windshield. This protector is used for a very simple, but important reason and that is to bounce the harmful UV rays of the sun out of the car and back into space. Maybe not all the way back into space, but it does protect the inside of the car. UV rays from the sun can damage leather seats and warp anything left on the dashboard for too long on a particularly hot day. Which is another reason to use this protection, to keep your car from becoming overly hot. They come in all sorts of designs and sizes as well in case the foil look does not go with your style.

Weather Resistant Floor Mats

Stock ford floor mats that come with your car are usually decent enough when it comes to trapping dirt or slight debris that you bring in off your foot, but would you want just decent enough protection for your home carpet? While your car is sort of like this home away from home, it is not exactly the image of luxury. That is why you should invest in a weather resistant floor mat. These mats do a much better job keeping significant dirt and mud from affecting the cars floors and pedals. Snow, ice, slush, mud, you name it and these mats are likely to do a great job at making sure your car stays in tip top shape. 

Scrubs, Oils, and Cleaners

There is an assortment of cleaning solutions for any car interior. From leather upholstery on the seat, to the dashboard, and fabric ceilings, there are options. So, while a parent of a particularly pukey child might not find scrubbing puke the most fun, they would probably be quick to address the need for something good to keep the condition of the material intact. Scrubs, oils, and cleaning solutions designed specifically for cars are aplenty, and they can either protect the material before a mess happens, or help get the mess out quicker than hot water and soap. The best part about many of these solutions is that you can simply stow them away in the car for quick access, even while on the road, instead of having to bust out the bucket, hose, or soap at home.

Treating your car like a particularly special space in your life is one of the joys that you get from owning an automobile, and keeping this space clean and protected should be a priority. This 1972 F100 is the perfect example of a vehicle with special space in the owners life.   

With these easy ways to protect your car, not only will you be able to have that peace of mind about your vehicle, but you will not be spending time cleaning it out for your next passenger. Just remember to throw out the burger wrappers too!

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