What Are the Most Common Types of Auto Accidents?

Auto accidents can happen for many reasons. Whatever the cause of an accident might be, the result could be a disaster. Learn about the most frequent types of car accidents and how they can affect you.

1. Rear-End Accident

You are most likely to be involved in a rear-end collision. In fact, approximately 40% of accidents in the U.S. fall under this category. Every year, there are about 1.7 million rear-end collisions throughout the country.

There is a reason for the prevalence of this type of accident. In this day and age, many accidents are caused by distracted driving. And distracted drivers are likely to rear-end another vehicle. This is because they aren’t watching the road. Instead of seeing another driver stop in front of them, the distracted driver reacts too late and slams into the stopped vehicle.

Most of these accidents occur in areas of high traffic and during rush hour. The stop and go nature of the traffic increases the potential of an accident. Typically, this type of accident causes injuries and some vehicle damage. It usually sparks a chain reaction that causes a multi-vehicle accident. For this reason, rear-end accidents can involve complex insurance claims.

2. Intersection Collisions

Intersections can be tricky to navigate. Whether you are at an intersection with a four-way stop, traffic light, or turn lane, the area can be dangerous. This is due to the fact that not all drivers follow the rules of the road. For instance, someone could attempt to turn even though traffic is coming from the opposite direction. Or, a driver might ignore a stop sign.

Any intersection accident could be devastating. Usually, the accident is a T-bone collision. One vehicle hits the side of another vehicle. At the point of impact, the cars are in a “T” shape. When these accidents occur at high speeds, the stakes are high. A driver or passenger side could bear the brunt of the impact. As a result, they could have life-threatening injuries.

3. Single Vehicle Accidents

Another common type of accident doesn’t involve any other vehicles. Known as a single vehicle accident, this type of incident involves a car hitting an object or person. In most cases, it happens when a driver veers off the road and hits an object. The object could be a guardrail, sign, or tree. Although there are many causes of a single vehicle accident, one of the most common causes is bad weather. If the road is slick, a driver could easily lose control of their vehicle. Drunk driving is another possible cause of this type of accident. Because drunk drivers lack coordination, they might take a turn too quickly or drive over the white lane.

Despite the fact that these accidents don’t involve other vehicles, they can still cause injuries. A car that hits a large tree still is likely to experience damage. The shock of the impact could cause a long list of injuries

Coping with Your Accident

If you’re involved in a car accident, you might feel overwhelmed. But there is help available. An attorney can take on the insurance companies or file a personal injury claim on your behalf. With their help, you may be able to obtain compensation for your injuries, missed wages, and more. To learn about the process, you should contact Timothy J. Ryan & Associates.


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