What is a Zebra crossing?

Find out what a Zebra crossing is and how to use one

There may not usually be a Zebra crossing sign, but they are easily identifiable thanks to black and white strips painted across the road. Zebra crossings also feature yellow globe-like lamps on striped poles at either side, called Belisha beacons.

Zebra crossing rules and how to use one

This is the only type of crossing where pedestrians automatically have right of way. Drivers should look for people either standing at the kerb looking to cross, or already walking on the crossing, and stop to let them cross, waiting for them to reach the other side of the road before continuing.

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But, even though pedestrians have priority, they should still take care and wait for traffic to stop before stepping on to the crossing.

6 types of pedestrian crossing explained

  • • Zebra crossing
  • • Pelican crossing
  • • Puffin crossing
  • • Toucan crossing
  • • Pegasus crossing
  • • Staggered crossing

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