What Kind Of Floor Jack Do I Need For A Truck

There are many reasons why people love vehicles. Some love them for their design, worth, or power; others simply love them for their convenience. There’s something most drivers don’t want to think or hear of; vehicle breakdowns. Those are some of the loneliest times a person normally goes through. If you’re the kind who enjoys driving a car as well as working on them, then a jack is definitely one of your closest friends.

There is a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the right jack. Many accidents normally occur while people try to fix an issue on their cars. Most of these mishaps can always be avoided by observing simple guidelines. Choosing a good floor jack is one of them. In general, the two widely used jacks are floor and bottle jacks. The bottle jack is easy to identify as it resembles a bottle. Let’s get a close look at floor jacks, and how to choose the most appropriate one for your truck.

Vehicle Weight

To get to the floor jacks, you’ll first have to know the weight of your 2014 GMC Denali truck. This is because jacks are meant to support a specific amount of weight or load. To check your vehicle weight, look for inscriptions specifically located either, next to the edge of the seat when you open the front doors or by looking at the car manual. Sedans normally need jacks that have a supporting capacity of two tons while SUVs and Trucks require twice as much.

Jack Material

The nature and frequency of use will influence the material of jack you’ll go for. The widely recognized materials in use are steel and aluminum. Both have their pros and cons. It’s not about which particular type is better than the other, but rather which would best meet your needs.

  • Steel Jacks
  • These are typically the strongest as well as the most durable in the market. Due to their rigidity, they last longer. They’re made to support weighty vehicles. Steel jacks are also known for their low retail price. On the flip side, they’re known for being heavy and bulky. If your operations would involve moving around, these types of jacks will limit your functionality and productivity.  They are however best suited for garages and repair shops where they can be operated with minimal mobility.

  • Aluminum Jacks
  • Next in line are aluminum jacks. They are lightweight in nature, making them more pleasant to work with. Nonetheless, they also have a number of drawbacks including being more expensive and having a short life span. They’re the perfect gadgets for roadside assistance and mobile mechanics.

  • Hybrid
  • An ingenious innovation was birthed when manufacturers decided to make jacks made from both materials, striking the perfect balance. Customers can now have a little bit of both, getting the lightweight benefit as well as longevity and durability.

    Lift Range

    The most unfavorable scenario you wouldn’t want to encounter is buying a floor jack that barely lifts your truck. That’s why it’s in your best interest to always check the maximum height range your jack can lift before purchasing.

    Types of Floor Jack

    There are quite a number of floor jacks out there. What will make you choose one over another would depend on a number of several contributing factors. Here’s a list of the best floor jacks for trucks.

  • Alltrade Triple Lift Jack (4000lb)
  • This jack is one of the most popular tools due to its versatility, strength, ease of use, and a wide supporting base. Its wide stance makes it possible to support vehicle weights of up to 4000 pounds.

  • Pro-Lift Low Profile Jack
  • The low-profile jack is yet another amazing piece of equipment that has a lift range of up to 14’’. It has been made with sophisticated safety features such as overload and over pump control. It’s also lightweight and can easily fit in the trunk of your vehicle.

  • Black hawk 3-ton Service Jack
  • This jack is well built and sturdy in nature, able to withstand a high amount of load. It operates smoothly as you perform lifts and drops. It also sits steadily on uneven surfaces, making it vastly deployable on different terrains.

    Jack Stands

    A little side note, when using a jack, always ensure you supplement it with a jack stand. Like in any other operation, safety always comes first. This piece of equipment will ensure you firmly anchored your vehicle to avoid any injuries in case the jack slips.

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