What Should I Do Before I Call My DUI Lawyer?

A great DUI attorney is going to explain the laws to you, as well as how they relate to your case, most likely during your initial consultation. So what should you do before you call? If they will be providing you with legal expertise, then what is the best way to improve your chances in court before you actually meet with them to get their legal advice? That question will be answered in the following article, as well as much more about how to fight your DUI case.

Stay Calm

Remember that you have the right to remain silent. This right should be exercised. You don’t want to be fighting with the arresting police officers on the side of the road. If you really do not believe that you are being fairly arrested, then do not argue with the police. They are there to enforce the law, they are not a judge. Many times people will start an altercation with the police officer rather than fighting the DUI charge where they should be fighting it – in court. When you argue with the police, it gets noted and will almost certainly get brought up during your case by the prosecution, who will likely use it against you. You want your interaction with the police to be brief, polite, and informative when you are required to give them information, for example your name and your address.

Write Everything Down

Write down everything that you remember during the arrest and afterwards. Try to recall everything that was  done and said to you. Do not give any opinions on why you think those things are happening. This is important to later understand whether or not roadside procedures were followed in accordance with the police guidelines. What type of test did they administer? What time was the arrest? Be as detailed as possible.

Gather Relevant Documents

One of the most important documents you will need to provide your lawyer with is a copy of the police report. You will also need to provide any documentation of prior DUIs or other arrests so that they can build a solid defense argument with these prior arrests in mind. They can also counsel you more effectively if you are honest about other arrests, even if they were in other states.

Hire A Great DUI Attorney

You might be wondering how you can hire a good DUI attorney and what types of questions you should ask during your initial consultation. If you have been arrested for driving under the influence, then you will need a great DUI attorney. First you want to ask questions about their background and experience such as how many cases they have won. This information might be available on their website or you may be able to get the answer from them directly. You also want to ask about any expert witnesses that they have access to.

These experts, such as those whom you will find at the Law Office of Matthew W. Peterson, can help to build a defense strategy for you. For example, an officer who has spent years training other police officers on how to conduct roadside sobriety tests will be able to give expert information on the procedures that were used during your arrest. They can use that knowledge to give testimony to determine if there were any questionable steps taken that could lead to incorrect results on your blood alcohol content test. Call an DUI attorney to get started on your legal defense strategy before your court date.

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