What You Need To Know About Buying A Car Abroad

Have you ever wanted to buy a car while overseas? Are you curious to know what method to apply when shipping a car from another country? Would you like to have a Porsche or Lamborghini delivered straight to your driveway? Looking at the process to get this done might excite you, but it can also be a little confusing. Let’s take a look at the several steps involved in having that dream car you always wanted, and several things you need to understand before you buy from abroad.

Consider the cost

The price of a car can obviously be very costly if you don’t recognize what you’re facing and where exactly you’re purchasing from. The country you’re purchasing the car from can determine the variables of the cost associated with the process. Taxes and tariffs placed on the vehicle can overwhelm you if your automobile is coming from a country like South Korea or Brazil. So it’s important to make sure you research the cost, Get a quote and check the regulations of the country you are buying the car from to make sure the cost of the vehicle from that country is worth the price.

Next is the cost of the vessel that will ship your automobile. Two types of containers are available: the shared container and the sole use container. The shared container is one you will share with another vehicle. Cost is cheaper this way, and more economical to you as the buyer. The sole use container is more expensive than shared, but as its name suggests, it’ll just be your car in the container. However, this can often be double the price. This means your decision will really come down to how much money you want to save versus how much you’ve already spent on your vehicle anyway.

Implementing procedures

Most ports and shipyards need several things to happen after you buy the vehicle and it’s ready to be shipped. First, they require the title and registration to be in their possession, so they know exactly who to deliver to. Certified documentation informs the carrier that the business knows that the vehicle is being transported. This is a requirement that lets the shipper know that the item is not stolen or the wrong vehicle has been shipped. So make sure you have all the proper certification!

Another part of the procedure you must consider is the age of the car, which will determine if they can ship it or not. Because of regulations in some countries, some restrictions might be in place to keep you from having what you want shipped to you. So make sure you consider the age of the car and check with shipping companies and ask them what the regulations are concerning shipping older vehicles. They should have an idea what countries restrictions on shipping an older car are.

Your identification upon arrival

This is just as important as the other steps listed above! After you’ve done all this hard work going through all the procedures to get what you wanted shipped, the steps to pick up are easy. You’ll need to prove your identity by showing you are the owner of the vehicle. First you will need a picture ID like a passport or any other government identification with your picture. You will also need what they call an EIN or social security number. Once all identification has been verified, you can drive your car home or have it delivered to your door.

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