What You Need to Know about Camshaft kits Before Purchasing One

There is nothing quite like owning a car and taking it out for a ride on the open road. Driving takes your mind off things and can be very relaxing at times, but it also gives you quite a thrill going at high speeds whenever you can. To make that happen, though, you need to have a proper ride –– or rather the proper setup. Chances are, your car can go a lot faster than you think, but it just needs some modifications or adjustments, namely, newer camshaft kits. 

This is what you need to know about them before you go and buy one.

What is a camshaft kit?

Generally speaking, any car has valves that are responsible for letting air and fuel into the engine so it could operate –– they also let the exhaust out of the engine once the combustion process is completed. So, where do camshafts come in? They play an integral part in this process that your vehicle cannot run without. A camshaft uses lobes –– cams –– to control the process of opening and closing those valves. What happens is, when the camshaft rotates, the lobes push against the valves to open them, which happens simultaneously with the crankshaft gear. 

Camshafts are located in the cylinder head, and they can significantly control the speed of your vehicle if you know how to modify them. They can impact engine performance and allow it to peak at higher speeds, and this is why there is a huge difference between your average camshaft and a performance one. 

Why your car might need a better one?

If you often plan on driving at high speeds, then getting a modified camshaft is definitely a good idea. It will help you get an exponentially better performance out of your engine, without threatening to shorten its lifespan. Engines like the Chevy 5.3L are some of the best in the market when you add the right camshaft kits. You need to check a detailed review for Chevy owners, though, because there are quite a few ones in the market, and you need to be certain that you have the right one for your vehicle. You have products like the Competition Cams 17001-16 High Energy Die Cast Aluminum Roller, which is ideal for the Chevy V8 265-400 engine. Other engines might require a different type, which is why you need to consult with professionals before getting anything. 

How to choose the right one?

Focus on your own vehicle 

Car enthusiasts often form small communities where they exchange knowledge and show off their enhanced vehicles, whether that is online or in real life. If you want to get the right camshaft kit for your car, it is important that you take whatever insight you get from such communities with a grain of salt. You can and probably will find some cars with excellent engine performance because of a certain kit, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that kit would work for your car –– in fact, it probably won’t. This is why it is crucial that you mind only your car and forget about other recommendations. It is about your engine needs, not people’s insights. 

Why are you getting it?

This is possibly the most important question you need to ask yourself before even considering getting a camshaft kit. How fast will you be driving? What RPMs are you going to be hitting? Do you even need a new kit, or will your current one do? A person who uses their car for races definitely won’t be needing the same cams that a person who uses their car to go to work would need. This is why you have to decide from early on, and it will make your decision much easier if and when you decide to make the purchase. 

Consider extras 

It is crucial that you take other additions to your vehicle into consideration before buying a camshaft kit. If you have nitrous or turbochargers fit to your car, you need to take a moment to consider things because those components change the game. They work based on certain RPMs, which means your camshaft selection needs to be on point, or else it might do more harm than good to your engine performance. 

There are other factors to take into consideration, like getting accessories to enhance your new camshaft kit, if you’re really after that wild performance. You will also need to put a budget in place and work within its confines because some can be really pricey. At the end of the day, you need to talk to experts about this step so you would be certain it wouldn’t damage your car in any way possible. 


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