When You Should Ship a Vehicle

Vehicles are all about transportation, about getting us from one place to another. But sometimes, it’s about getting the vehicle itself to another destination, and ironically, sometimes the vehicle needs to follow your lead and get a ride with somebody else.

Driving a vehicle from place to place, even a short distance, isn’t always the most practical method to get it there. Circumstances can be such that you’ll need to have it transported, and that can be true even if it hasn’t broken down.

Let’s look at some of the most common reasons why you would choose not to drive your vehicle somewhere and would instead get someone like Ship a Car Direct to transport your vehicle for you.

Time Constraints

Let’s say you are head to Sturgis for the motorcycle rally. You live 1,500 miles away and can’t take enough time off work to allow you to make the round trip and still have some time in Sturgis. Instead, you can have the bike shipped and then fly yourself to South Dakota.

If your schedule allows a couple of days for riding, have the bike shipped somewhere a short drive from the rally, then pick it up there and ride it the rest of the way in. You may find that quite a few other busy riders are doing the same thing.

Safety Issues

Other trips may be short enough to be practical, but the vehicle itself isn’t really safe enough for long drives. This is especially true of vintage vehicles, which lack airbags and have seat belts that are far behind current safety standards.

For example, if you want to load up your kids and take your 1956 convertible to a get-together of other owners, you may not want them riding a couple hundred miles without adequate protection in case of a collision. Simply have the car shipped and catch another ride or flight to join it.

Avoiding Excess Wear

Some of us think of our vehicles as our babies. We want to be very careful to avoid every possible scratch or ding, and we don’t want the odometer making any more revolutions than are absolutely necessary. Or it could be that the vehicle requires hard-to-find tires and you’re trying to avoid racking up too much use on them.

Whatever the reason, shipping a car can help you reduce the amount of mileage and damage it can incur, including everything from hail damage to chipped windshields. That makes transporting your car a good way to keep it in top condition and minimize maintenance costs–as well as the heartbreak of seeing your prized vehicle getting damaged.

Reliability Issues

As we’ve noted before, antique vehicles are often shipped from place to place instead of being driven. No matter how lovingly or expertly they have been restored, there is always the chance that some key component gives out along the way and leaves you on the side of the road.

Even newer vehicles that have undergone recent repairs may not inspire enough confidence for you to get behind the wheel for a few hundred miles of unfamiliar territory that’s far from your preferred mechanic. Shipping the car will avoid this problem.

A good vehicle is a special thing, whether because of its age, value, or simply its importance in getting you where you need to be for work and family. When your car or motorcycle is headed to a distant part of the world for an event, a move, or even a sale, you may find that you are better off to get a quality auto transport company to take care of transporting it. You’ll save time, wear, risk, and potential breakdowns–all of the things that can ruin your enjoyment of your vehicle.

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