Which car would you pick as Best Car To Buy 2019? Take our Twitter poll

2019 Hyundai Kona Electric

We’ve announced our final three contenders for Green Car Reports’ Best Car to Buy 2019. They include the Hyundai Kona Electric, the Jaguar I-Pace, and the Tesla Model 3. 

The qualifications for our annual award require that a vehicle be all-new or substantially updated; and that it be widely available as of October 2018, or arrive by the end of the 2019 model year and be made available for evaluation.

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Battery-electric models need to provide at least 125 miles of EPA-rated range, while plug-in hybrids need to provide at least 32 electric miles—representing the average American round-trip car commute. 

The Kia Niro Plug-In Hybrid missed that range cutoff. 

Although ultimately the award is decided by Internet Brands Automotive editors, we’d like to know what you think should win. 

Which car would you pick as Green Car Reports Best Car To Buy 2019?

— Green Car Reports (@GreenCarReports) November 5, 2018

Is your ideal green vehicle a small, affordable city-sized vehicle with a long driving range (Kona Electric), an electric take on the virtues of a traditional luxury brand (Jaguar I-Pace), the next-generation, or a somewhat-more-affordable electric sedan from California (Tesla Model 3)? 

As always, please note that our Twitter polls are far from scientifically valid, due to small sample size and self-selection by those who choose to participate.

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