WhiteTrash and WhiteWalls 2018

WhiteTrash and WhiteWalls 2018
Hosted by: Bonified Custom

WhiteTrash and WhiteWalls 2018 was held on July 28, 2018 in Fairborn, Ohio.  With this show continuing to grow each year, it was no surprise that the rides that attended were on the next level of amazing!  This was the shows 8th year running and people came from all around the US just to check out what people brought out.

One of the amazing rides that attended WhiteTrash and WhiteWalls 2018

WhiteTrash and WhiteWalls 2018 welcomed all rides, makes, and models to come out and attend.  The show also brought vendors, food trucks, live bands, custom trophies, and a pin up contest!  If you were in need of WTWW swag, food, music, or anything else you could desire, the show had it there! It is always a fun time seeing the girls get all dressed up and compete together but still cheer on their competitors.  With each contestant the crowd went wild!  Congratulations to all the ladies!

Although there was a little bit of construction this year,  Bonified Custom, who runs WhiteTrash and WhiteWalls 2018, makes sure that the show is bigger and better than the year before.  They always make each attendee feel like a special guest and that is why we continue to attend! If you do not have this show on your go-to list, make sure you add it!

WhiteTrash and WhiteWalls 2018 is already planning their 2019 show. With over 800 rides attending, be prepared for next years show to be even bigger and better than this year.  As regular attendees, we cannot what to see how you can raise the bar next year!

Looking for some of the best 4×4’s aorund?  We have what you are looking for!

Wanting more information on WhiteTrash and WhiteWalls 2018?  Check out their Facebook page!

Photos by: Dan Davis

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