With Fuel Prices Through the Roof, It’s Important to Know How You Can Save On It

Nowadays, it’s become a habit, finding fluctuating prices when it comes to basic needs. Fuel prices, in particular, have skyrocketed and it doesn’t look like they’ll get any cheaper any time soon. However, there are tried and tested methods that you can try to save up on fuel. We’ve compiled some of the best tricks you can do to drive economically. 

Understand your consumption 

First things first, you need to understand how much you spend on fuel any time you fill up the tank. Establish a fuel consumption budget by using an app or ready-made budgetary sheets. Input your consumption, your mileage, and your trips and this will show you how much you’re spending. It will also allow you to cut back on unnecessary trips. 

Drive sensibly 

The ideal way to save fuel is to drive at a steady speed. Slowing down when needed, especially if you’re driving around town, will save up fuel. Accelerate smoothly and don’t alternate speed limits because you want to pass other cars by. If you’re driving an automatic, ease up on the accelerator once you’ve gained sufficient speed. The less you brake and accelerate, the less fuel you consume. 

Maintain your car regularly 

Doing regular check ups and maintenance to your car improves its efficiency greatly. Check your tires once a week and make sure the pressure is alright, if it’s low on pressure, it consumes more fuel. Be sure to always get the quality of your engine oil and change it according to your vehicle’s needs to save up on fuel. 

Use your aircon wisely 

The car’s air conditioner adds extra load to the engine and forces your car to use more fuel. By using it sparingly, you can reduce your consumption by 15-20%. You can also always park in the shade, so you won’t need to cool its interiors if you parked under the sun. 

Empty out unnecessary weight 

If you have a lot of things packed up in the trunk for no reason, it’s better if you empty it out. Having a full trunk adds weight to your car and so to drive efficiently, your car will consume more fuel. Keep your car light with no unnecessary baggage in the trunk and your car will have better mileage and drive smoothly. 

Turn off the engine 

If you’re parked at the side of the road to answer a call, or if you’re picking up someone and you’re waiting in your car, be sure to turn off your engine. A vehicle can get some of the worst mileage at 0 mph, and that happens when you keep your car in idle mode. Idling for a long period of time consumes fuel that can be saved easily just by turning off the engine. Starting the car back up again won’t consume as much fuel as you think. 

Drive aerodynamically 

If you’re driving at high speed on a highway, be sure to roll your windows up. Wind drag is one of the reasons that can cause heavy fuel consumption because it forces the engine to work harder. If they’re closed, it will create a 10% decrease of fuel consumption as wind will push against the car’s body, and not flow inside and slow down your car. 

Anticipate traffic 

If you can avoid driving during rush hour altogether, then do so, even though it’s a little hard to avoid if you live in a big city. Look up alternative routes to help you reduce fuel consumption. Another thing, stay focused on the road to anticipate your next move. Being surprised by a sudden stop or sudden acceleration actually causes you to consume more fuel than if you are smoothly led into it. 

Encourage carpooling 

If you know a bunch of co-workers who live nearby, it’s always wise if you encourage carpooling and each of you, drives on a designated day. This way, you all saved some fuel money and didn’t use your car daily. 

Most of us spend a good amount of our monthly income on fuel prices, especially if we have to commute to work. But with these tips above, you’ll find yourself saving up on your fuel consumption in no time. Drive smart and be economical! 


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