Your guide to auto glass damage

It has been estimated that we are exposed to 5,000 ads per day. At one point or the other, we start to ignore the messages that we have no interest in. We see a high number of ads on a daily basis and automotive companies are the biggest spenders. There are car commercials across all media. Companies want people to buy their vehicles, stating that they have exceptional safety features like airbags and traction control. They fail to mention anything about the auto glass. The windshield, as well as the surrounding windows, play an important role when it comes down to safety. They protect the drivers and the passengers while on the road. Even though automotive glass is very similar to other types of glass, it could not be more different. It undergoes an additional process of lamination in order to ensure safety.

It is hard to imagine that auto glass is vulnerable, but it is. It is prone to damage, since it is made up of glass and plastic components. Whether or not the windshield and the surrounding windows can be replaced depends on the extent of the damage and its location. The good news is that auto glass repair technology is fast evolving. However, it would all be for nothing if there were not talented service technicians. Without the efforts of these individuals, the industry would not be where it is today. Getting back on topic, auto glass damage is quite common. Windscreens, side and rear windows on the vehicle can break from being hit by an object or due to severe weather. If you would like to know more, please continue reading.

Depiction of different types of auto glass damage

In an ideal world, nothing bad would happen to the auto glass. And you would not have to think about it. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world and the windshield and the side windows are weak and without protection, the result being that they can be easily become deteriorated. From this moment on, you need to pay close attention to your car windows. These are the most prevalent types of auto glass damage.


A crack is a very thin line that appears on the surface of the auto glass. Sometimes, the glass surrounding you in the vehicle can break for no reason at all. There are several reasons why a car window can crack. More often than not, cracks occur when an automobile kicks up rock and debris from the road. This unforeseen road hazard is punishable. You can reduce the chances of something like this happening by keeping a safe distance, but there is no guarantee whatsoever that your windshield or other parts of the car will not be damaged. Not only is auto glass damage not expected, but also it is rarely convenient. Some cracks can be repaired successfully if the crack is six inches or smaller. The results depend on the severity of the damage, not to mention the depth and the location. An auto glass repair technician has to take into consideration numerous factors prior to figuring out if something can be done or not. Each case is evaluated on an individual basis and the result is conditioned by the skill and equipment of the technician. What could happen if the crack is not repaired? Well, the crack can spread, and it will be necessary to have the entire auto glass replaced.


Chips are special types of auto glass damage that are approximately the size of a quarter. What happens is that a small piece of the auto glass comes off following an impact. At first glance, the devastation does not seem of great importance. The fact is that if your auto glass has been chipped, you have reason to be worried. Dirt and debris can make their way into the area, thus making the repair impossible. Most of the time, chips can be fixed. However, as mentioned before, that is not always possible. It is recommendable to maintain the area clear and to have the vehicle window repaired a few days after the unfortunate event. It is essential to lay emphasis on the fact that experts handle millions of automobiles a year, so they are capable of repairing chips and avoid replacement altogether.

Bull’s-eye break

If you drive, it is very likely that a rock will hit your windshield and you will end up with a bruise on the glass. There is a type of auto glass damage that is referred to as bull’s-eye crack. As the name clearly suggests, it resembles the target centre of a bull’s-eye. The area of damage is dark coloured. You will not want to attempt repairing the crack on your own. It is necessary to get the vehicle to a repairman as soon as possible. The issue is very hard to handle. Most of the time, it is impossible to fix the error. The reason for this is that dirt and oil penetrate the automotive glass and contaminate it. The auto glass technician is required to carefully clean the area to make sure that the resin will bond. The repair performed by a professional reduces the risk of the windshield getting a huge crack and reduces the visibility of the damage.

What you should do when you have auto glass damage

If you genuinely are an unlucky person, you will end up with a chip or a huge crack in the windshield or surrounding windows. What do you need to do? If you are asking this question that means that you have not been paying close attention. Your automobile has to be assessed by certified auto glass technicians. There is no doubt about that. There is nothing more important than hiring professionals. When you hand your car over to glass technicians, you do not have to bother your head about anything. The experts will take good care of your vehicle, not to mention that they will handle the necessary paperwork. The last thing you should do is attempt to solve things on your own. You do not have any kind of experience and the auto glass can shatter.


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